Monday, November 19, 2012

Is God Holding Out on You?

Mark Altrogge:
God’s word is filled with promises which reflect his character. Promises to never cease doing good to us. To never leave nor forsake us. To be with us in trials, to be near us and hear us. To protect and deliver us from evil. To sustain, provide for, counsel and guide us.

But life throws things at us that seem to contradict God’s word and character. We lose a job or a loved one. We feel incredibly weak and helpless. We can’t see any possible solution to our dilemma.

“God doesn’t love you,” Satan whispers. “A loving God wouldn’t do this to you.” “If he were good he could have prevented this.” ”God doesn’t answer prayer. After all, how many times have you asked and he hasn’t come through?”
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Steve Martin said...

God never holds out on us.

As theologians of glory, we often expect that life should work out. It never does, not in a lasting way. Not in this life.