Friday, November 23, 2012

On Celebrity

Howard Hendricks:
I do not think that celebrity is in any way Christian. Celebrity is something that is attached to you by people. A legacy is something that God produces in your life. He uses you, but you’re not the center of the activity. And I find that we’re living in a society in which celebrity-ism is everything. Hollywood runs by it. All of the sports run by it. Politics runs by it. But in the final analysis, that’s just what people think. The truth of the matter is, they frequently don’t know the whole story. What intrigues me is to read the true stories of some of these Hollywood stars. I mean, you want to throw up in the process of listening. What’s going on behind the scenes? The utter promotion of an individual with no basis in fact. But when you are talking about a person who leaves a legacy, no one can ever question the impact of it. He or she may not know the true impact. But God does. And it remains permanently.
- Dallas Connection, Spring 2008, page 1.

(HT: Ray Ortlund)

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