Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Depths of Christ in the Face of Suffering

Jared Totten:
I must confess, I avoid the 24-hour news cycle like the plague. Not that I'm totally ignorant of world events; I read the paper most days of the week and get my news almost exclusively from print sources and their online counterparts. So if the television is on in my home this time of year, odds are good that there's football being played somewhere.

But there are times when a tragedy of such crushing proportions forces itself upon us that even such escapist events as pro sports cannot help but address it, as was the case this weekend with the shooting in Connecticut. Yet I was struck with the inept and impotent sentiments offered on the television and radio, the inability of our religiously sterile and safe culture to deal adequately with such a tragedy. I do not say this with condescension but compassion. In the effort to not offend anyone, we also do not console anyone.

Thus I was reminded of the depths we have in Christ to make sense of, suffer through, and respond to such catastrophic events.
His suggestions:
1. Instead of just "sending thoughts", we can pray.
2. Instead of just making excuses for the killer, we can be honest about evil.
3. Instead of just raging against injustice, we can rest in God's righteous judgment.
4. Instead of just growing hard, we can be softened through tragedy.
5. Instead of just panicking, we can trust God's sovereignty.
Click over to read his explanations with much scriptural encouragement.

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