Thursday, December 06, 2012

You Can't Minister to Statistical Averages

I can't minister to statistical averages. I can't share Jesus with a median income. I can't invite a culture over for dinner. Generalizing about a group of people tells me nothing about the specifics of my neighbor. It can only tell me "mights." They might be white, they might not. They might have an advanced educational degree, they might not. They might be rich, they might not. "Mights" can easily lead to assumptions, but assumptions are rarely conducive to healthy relationships. "Mights" are just a crapshoot when it comes to having a real conversation with my neighbors and seeking to speak to their situations.

I can't assume that I know anything about anyone without actually approaching them, listening to them, trying to build a relationship with them, and finding points of intersection between their life and the gospel.
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