Monday, January 28, 2013

13 Reasons Not To Be Afraid

John Piper:

  • We will not die apart from God’s gracious decree for his children.
    James 4:14-15; Matthew 10:29-30; Deuteronomy 32:39
  • Curses and divination do not hold sway against God’s people.
    Numbers 23:23
  • The plans of terrorists and hostile nations do not succeed apart from our gracious God.
    Psalm 33:10; Isaiah 8:9-10
  • Man cannot harm us beyond God’s gracious will for us.
    Psalm 118:6; Psalm 56:11
  • God promises to protect his own from all that is not finally good for them.
    Psalm 91:14
  • God promises to give us all we need to obey, enjoy, and honor him forever.
    Matthew 6:31; Philippians 4:19
  • God is never taken off guard.
    Psalm 121:4
  • God will be with us, help us, and uphold us in trouble.
    Isaiah 41:10, 13
  • Terrors will come, some of us will die, but not a hair of our heads will perish.
    Luke 21:10–11, 18
  • Nothing befalls God’s own but in its appointed hour.
    John 7:30
  • When God Almighty is your helper, none can harm you beyond what he decrees.
    Hebrews 13:6; Romans 8:31
  • God’s faithfulness is based on the firm value of his name, not the fickle measure of our obedience.
    1 Samuel 12:20–22
  • The Lord, our protector, is great and awesome.
    Nehemiah 4:14
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