Monday, January 21, 2013

42 Million

John Ensor:
Abortion sweeps away about 42 million babies a year. By any measure, abortion is the greatest weapon of mass destruction ever unleashed.

If 42 million 2-year-olds were being slaughtered every year, our lives would be ordered around the horror of it. Try to imagine that—whatever policies or laws might be used to justify the death of 123,000 toddlers every day, even atheists would call it deeply evil. And all Christians would be able to see, without qualification or reservation, that satanic powers were at work in and through these laws and policies. Moreover, we would instantly grasp how such a demonic weapon was nothing less than a blood-war against life itself, and an assault on the kingdom of God. We would all understand that among those 42 million lost every year were many who would otherwise grow up to testify to God’s grace and pour themselves into the great work of the gospel. That we do not react to abortion in this same way is part of what makes it so supremely evil.
(HT:  Challies)

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