Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Mother's Instinct vs. A Culture of Death

Denny Burk:
What does it look like when the culture of death runs head-on into a mother’s instinct? Sometimes mommy’s gut wins, but sometimes not. The latter was the case with Sarah Carpenter, a married woman with two children who became pregnant with a third child. After finding out that the child had a disability, she and her husband Andrew made the decision to abort the child in order to spare him from having a bad life.

The gut-wrenching thing about this story is that everything inside this woman—her conscience, her maternal instinct—is telling her to protect her baby. But her doctor, her family members, and even her husband are telling her to spare her child by killing him. In other words, she has a very real sense of what she ought to do, but her conscience collapses underneath the weight of the culture of death. What follows is an extended excerpt from the article in which this mother explains her decision, her abortion, and its aftermath. Read it. Weep. Pray. Maranatha.
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