Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Chris Herren Story

If you want to watch a powerful story of redemption and have Netflix streaming I would highly recommend "Unguarded: The Chris Herren Story".  It's part of ESPN's 30 for 30 series.   Here is the summary:
Award-winning filmmaker Jonathan Hock has mastered the art of telling stories about the struggles and triumphs of American hometown heroes. Chris Herren of Fall River, Mass., was a high school basketball standout who battled the pressures of making it big from an early age. After dropping out of Boston College, Chris landed on Jerry Tarkanian's notorious Fresno State team, where players were likely to be found on both police blotters and All-American lists. Chris failed drug tests at BC and Fresno State, but he was so talented that he was drafted into the NBA anyway, ending up with the Boston Celtics. But at the moment he was realizing his childhood dream of becoming a star for the home team, Chris was falling in a 10-year-long spiral of addiction. He bounced from team to team, country to country. Ultimately, Chris, the youngest and most talented of three generations of local heroes, has found redemption and personal fulfillment through the game, but only after it led him literally around the world, down a path of alcohol and drug addiction that nearly killed him.
You can get the book here.


Nate said...

I watched this recently with my wife, and thought this film was very well done. It is a powerful story of addiction, and a man struggling to stay clean.

I remember thinking after I watched it, "I'm surprised there was no God talk in the film." If my memory serves me(and it may not), there wasn't even a hint of Christ or even God generically. So my question would be, how is this a story of "redemption"?

Vitamin Z said...

Redemption in a broader sense. Redeemed from a destructive way of life.