Monday, February 11, 2013

Don't Avoid The Theological Underpinnings

“Bottom line: while practice is important, it is not the starting point. Yet sadly, when ministry leaders connect with each others, practice is typically where the discussion begins. Leaders from Church A, for example, hear about the work of the Lord in Church B. So they start observing Church B from a distance, eventually arranging to meet with some of their staff. Immediately they jump to ‘practice’ questions … but rarely at any point during such a meeting does anyone ask the deeper questions: What do you believe about ‘mission’ that causes you to set these priorities? Why is ______ so important here? Why have you designed your groups this way? The deeper church cultural question is the synergy between theology, philosophy, and practice. When these three come together, formed in the gospel, the impact is tremendous.”
Matt Chandler, Eric Geiger, Josh Patterson, Creature of the Word, p. 112

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