Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stupid Things People Say To Singles

Justin Holcomb:
In celebration of Valentine’s day, I’m listing some the stupid things said to or by my friends about being single.
  • There’s sin in your life that God wants you to work through first. Once you work it out, he’ll bring you a spouse.
  • You should probably need to lower your standards. You’re only interested in men/women who are above your level. You need to be more realistic about who you are and what kind of guy/woman you can expect to be interested in you.
  • You aren’t confident enough. If you liked you, guys/women would like you, too.
  • Guys are intimidated by you. The more you accomplish, the less guys will want to ask you out.
  • Why are you still single? Don’t you go to a huge church with lots of singles?
  • Just stop thinking about it, then it will happen.
  • God probably has you single for you to learn something. What is He trying to teach you?
  • Maybe there’s sin that you need to deal with and He’s preventing you from inviting someone else into your sin.
  • When you’re fully content in Him, then He will bring you a spouse.
  • Maybe you’re not praying enough for a spouse.
  • Put yourself out there.
  • If you just lost 20 pounds a guy would be able to see how wonderful you truly are.
  • God is trying to teach you something in this season. Once you learn it, he’ll bring you a spouse.
  • Don’t worry, I’m sure you’re next!
  • I have a friend who was 35 when she got married, there’s still hope for you too.
  • God betroths those who betroth themselves.
  • When you’re fully satisfied in God, then he’ll bring you a spouse.
  • You get to be married to Jesus.
  • Jesus was single on Valentines day, so you’re in good company.
  • I know you feel lonely and broken hearted, but Jesus literally had a broken heart, when they pierced it for your sins.
  • Loneliness is God’s way of drawing you to himself.
  • She’s out there, man. Just have more faith.
  • You’re gift on Valentine’s Day is singleness.
  • You might be single, but they’re are other people who probably wish they were single.
  • Go watch Bridget Jones Diary and feel sorry for yourself.
  • I can’t remember the last time I was single on Valentine’s day.
  • God works together all things for those who love him, even those who aren’t loved by anyone… especially on Valentine’s.
  • Maybe you’re gay.

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