Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day is Rough for Some

Chris Smith:
You know the routine. It's Valentine's Day, that special holiday set aside to celebrate love and romance. But you're single. You don't have a girlfriend, a date, or even a female friend willing to be seen in public with you. So you invite over a few buddies to watch Braveheart, play Halo, and talk about how you don't understand girls. "Happy Singles Awareness Day" is your Facebook status. You tell all your married friends you're content, enjoying the freedom of your singleness, and that you're glad you didn't have to plan a date and pay for a fancy dinner this year. You do all these things and yet, at the end of the night as you climb into your empty bed, loneliness and despair come crashing in, leaving you wondering why no one—perhaps not even God himself—loves you.

Valentine's Day is hard for many single people. The cynical humor of the typical Christian single offers little more than a thin veneer over the pain and worry lurking within his heart. Cultural pressures to find his worth, identity, and security in a romantic relationship only exacerbate the inner struggle. And those pressures are often amplified in conservative Christian communities, as singles become collateral damage in the battle to defend marriage and the family. To many married believers, the singles in their midst are pitiable at best, dangerous at worst. But in the face of all these worries and pressures, Christian singles can lay hold of some glorious biblical truths to propel them in their fight for joy this Valentine's Day—and every day thereafter.
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