Tuesday, March 26, 2013

10 Ways to Have a Reproducing Culture

Ron Edmondson:
Catch the vision of multiplication – It’s hard to convince people to buy into something you don’t believe in personally. As a leader, you must believe reproducing leaders is a valuable enough process to make it a priority.

Be intentional – Every leader in the organization must be willing to consciously replace themselves. Multiplication must be a part of the overall strategy. There must be a system of leadership recruitment.

Start early – Reproducing cultures replace leaders before they actually need them.

Invest in personal growth – You can’t take new leaders where the current haven’t been or aren’t going.

Humble leaders – Leaders must not be afraid that new leaders could lead better than them. When leaders allow people to shine under their leadership it advances their ability to lead. The good news is today’s generation likes honesty. They will follow a leader more if they trust their integrity.

Share responsibilities early - The easiest way to learn something is to do it and the more ownership given to people the more they will be motivated to participate.

Identify potential – This was in my previous post. It’s important in a recruitment culture to always be looking for people who may someday be leadership superstars. Look for the good in people. What do they have that attracts people to them?

Create an environment conducive to leaders – Leaders don’t develop well under a dictatorship. If people are afraid to have an answer under the current leadership for fear of being wrong, they are less likely to try to have an answer. The real leaders will disappear quickly in a controlling environment.

Recruit – The “sign up” method seldom works well. The best quality people are personally recruited. Jesus found people with a personal ask. The best recruitment in most organizations will be likewise.

Lead for life change – Some people will experience their greatest life change only when they are leading others or have some sort of responsibility for leadership. Nurture potential leaders knowing that part of their spiritual maturity will be that step of leadership.
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