Wednesday, March 06, 2013

I Guess Watching All Those Episodes of Man vs. Wild Might Actually Do Some Good

Boston Herald:
A Medford teenager who emerged from the wilderness yesterday after two nights on the side of a mountain in a Maine snowstorm did all the right things, said a survival expert who was doubly impressed that the 17-year-old’s only training came from television.

“People are found dead in situations like this with food, water and extra clothes that they never even utilized simply because fear and panic sets in and you stop making rational decisions,” said Tim Drake, co-director of Primitive Pursuits, an Ithaca, N.Y.-based wilderness education program that specializes in teaching people how to survive some of nature’s most difficult scenarios. “It’s as much what you don’t do as you do. He did the right combination, really.”

Nicholas Joy hunkered down in a hand-made snow cave built from branches and evergreens and drank from a nearby stream after he wandered off a trail and got lost at the Sugarloaf ski resort Sunday. He told his rescuers he learned how to build the shelter from watching a survival show on TV.

Here is how to build a snow fort to save your life!

See the man himself do it for real.

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