Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Great Commission and Counseling

David Powlison:
The Great Commission…and counseling! We don’t usually put those words together. But Jesus’ final words don’t mention any of the specifics of how to do it. Like preaching, parenting, and quiet time, counseling is one more way that Christ makes his disciples. I understand counseling more broadly than I once did. It is not just the Christian analogue or alternative to what secular people do. It is part of the cosmic, communal, and personal renewal that operates at the center of our Christian faith. Coming to faith out of a secular background, I was excited about biblical counseling. I had been a psychology major and was working in the mental health field when I came to faith in Christ. My life was turned upside down. Christianity taught a whole different dance step from the secular training and models I had learned and practiced. I initially saw this as the radical way the Bible taught us to approach counseling. But it’s bigger than that. It’s the Bible’s approach to life.
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