Friday, April 12, 2013

#Gosnell, the media, politics, and the church

Tom Ascol:
There is a connection between the atrocities perpetrated by Dr. Gosnell, the media bias and the political leadership in this country. The latter two have worked in tandem to help foster a culture that not only allows for but actually encourages the former. Dr. Gosnell made millions of dollars and evidently had enough political capital to avoid even Department of Health inquiries into reported deaths of women from his procedures. He has blood on his hands for certain. But he is not the only one. President Obama and every other political leader who supports the ongoing practice of abortion, along with every media outlet that chooses to look the other way at the atrocities of this legally protected industry shares his guilt.

The church of Jesus Christ in America cannot plead innocence, either. We know better. We have been given the truth. I admit that too often churches and Christian organizations have been so overtly political that at times they seem like little more than another political action committee for either the Democratic or Republican parties. I loathe that type of agenda wherever I see it being advocated in the name of Christ. That being said, there are times when issues arise speaking for righteousness necessarily means crossing swords with those who promote unrighteousness as a political agenda. Abortion is the quintessential such issue of our times.

The church of Jesus Christ must speak out. We must speak plainly and compassionately. As the 20 minute documentary below on the Gosnell fiasco clearly demonstrates, it is far from a victim-less crime. And it is far from a private decision. The consequences of legalized abortion are massive and we have yet begun to feel all of their weight. While extending hope and grace to both abortionists and those who have suffered at their hands, we must not allow the horror of this national disgrace to go unchecked or unaddressed. Praise God for those individuals and organizations who have led the way. But all who name the Name of Christ must own our stewardship in this area. “Hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter,” Proverbs 24:11 says. And “Open your mouth for the speechless, In the cause of all who are appointed to die” (Proverbs 31:8, NKJV).

Pastors must be willing to preach, teach and write on the evil of abortion. Churches should offer gospel counsel to those scarred by abortion and alternatives to those who think that it is the only or best choice. Adoption should be promoted and encouraged among believers. And we must be willing to enter the public arena, calling on advocates of this murderous practice—including our political leaders, yes, even President Obama—to repent of their complicity in this national crime. Let the chips fall where they may, but let the people of God speak boldly, humbly, carefully, accurately, plainly and graciously, as is befitting those who have been graciously saved from such ways of thinking, in behalf of the millions of innocents who are being legally slaughtered each year.

May God have mercy on us.
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Anonymous said...

7 stories on Gosnell. 0 comments. I guess I'll go first.

I think we need to be really careful in asking WHY we are focusing on Gosnell. People like Gosnell is how pro-aborts argued that abortion should be legal (look up a speech by Constance Cook when she made abortion first legal in New York). Make abortion illegal and all clinics would be like Gosnell’s, they argued. As pro-lifers, we really need to ask WHY we are giving such special attention to Gosnell. Is it the unsanitary conditions? Or perhaps it’s because the babies are later term? I hate to say this, but many pro-lifers are so dumb that they are making the pro-abortion argument and not even knowing it.