Monday, April 29, 2013

I can't seem to get over the implications of these two videos side by side

Remember, this should never be framed as a Republican vs. Democrat issue. I care very little for politics. But I do care about justice and human rights.  This is a human rights issue.  All political parties should be in favor of human rights for all.

The only question that matters is, "What is it in the womb?"

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DaddyG said...

One question... If abortion is the "right" of the mother to "choose", then why is it so hard for the woman (or anyone in a similar position to her) to answer any of these types of questions? If it's a morally neutral issue as they want to argue (I obviously don't think it is, but I am just posing a question based on the pre-supposed position that SHE is taking), there should be no struggle to answer such questions, right? Just answer them outright, because according to her/them, there are no ramifications to abortion. But no, they're hard to answer because each one knows the answers that they want to put forth are morally reprehensible. So they can't answer them in a straight-forward way because they have a conflict of conscience the minute the words hit their lips. It's heart-wrenching to think they suppress what they know to be true (Romans 1) in order to purse a sinful position regardless of what that position really means.