Tuesday, April 09, 2013

“I Don’t Like to Think in Terms of Culture Wars“

Great thoughts here from Dr. Russell Moore. I would encourage you to watch the C-SPAN video.

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Steve said...

Whether we like it or not theological liberalism & the Left politically have declared war on us - now to be sure believers do not engage in this battle with the weapons that the world uses - and despite Mr. Moore's aversion to using the term "Culture Wars" we are at war nonetheless. To think otherwise is just plain old foolishness.

Jay T said...

Dr. Moore is an unflappable customer. As a relatively new Southern Baptist, I particularly enjoyed the host reading the Fred Luter quote. In fact, I would have loved a whole segment of the host reading crazy things SBC leaders have said and having Dr. Moore try to explain them. It would be a great SNL skit.