Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Neighbors AND Nations

David Platt:
We must change the ways we’re praying, giving, and going so that all the peoples of the world might hear Christ’s gospel and exalt Christ’s glory. This won’t happen by simply creating a missions committee, taking a missions offering, or tacking a “missions week” onto our annual church calendar. This will happen when we infuse God’s zeal for his global glory—both in our neighborhoods and among all nations—into the very fabric of our churches on a weekly basis, calling persons to pray, give, and go with a special view to those who’ve never heard. Local ministry is totally necessary, no question. But global missions is tragically neglected. So we must give ourselves to both—and call all followers of Christ to give themselves to both. This is the only obedient response to a King who’s commanded us to make disciples of all nations.
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Kevin said...

this last friday, I was privileged to be a part of his secret church , being hosted at Trinity Bible Church in Cedar Falls!!!!