Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"What makes any particular news story important to us and what distinguishes it from mere gossip or trivia?"

Joe Carter:
As Christians, we're expected to take an eternal perspective, viewing events not only in their historical but also in their eschatological context. But I can't do that while focusing on the churning events of the last twenty-four hours. Events that are truly important are rarely those captured on the front page of a daily paper. As Malcolm Muggeridge, himself a journalist, admitted, "I've often thought that if I'd been a journalist in the Holy Land at the time of our Lord's ministry, I should have spent my time looking into what was happening in Herod's court. I'd be wanting to sign Salome for her exclusive memoirs, and finding out what Pilate was up to, and—I would have missed completely the most important event there ever was."
Read the rest for his reflection on how to think about our never ending news cycle.

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