Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Don't Blame Social Media For Your Issues

Adam Jeske:
You often hear about the dangers of social media, including: narcissism, wasted time, envy of the lives of others, lack of integrity or the temptation to restart unhealthy relationships.

Of course, these are all concerns, and you need to consider them in terms of what role social media has in your life.

But I don’t think social media is dangerous. I think we are dangerous.

We don’t need social media to sin. Social media, in fact, reveals our character. If I think too highly of myself, lack self-control, or lack integrity, these will be visible in my Facebook posts.

So don’t blame social media for your issues. Too often Christians are the laggards, fearful and unsure about new opportunities. We are also the ones quick to call out the implications of sin and temptation in realms of human advance. But what if we thought carefully and constructively from the get-go?
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