Thursday, May 16, 2013

If Your Complementarian Culture Boarding on Crazy?

Trevin Wax offers some diagnostic questions.
  • a reticence or hesitance to affirm and celebrate women’s contributions in local church ministry, particularly contributions that are more up-front and visible.= 
  • a warped vision of manhood that focuses on calloused hands and physical labor and ignores other kinds of work. 
  • the assumption that marriage is always better than singleness, so that singles feel like their identity is wrapped up in not having a spouse. 
  • unwillingness to celebrate any evidence of gospel ministry or fruit among those with a more egalitarian viewpoint. 
  • an unexpressed expectation that the godliest women have quiet and introverted personality types, and cannot be assertive and outgoing. 
  • a competitive tendency that leads to unhealthy individual comparisons and rushed judgments, rather than extending grace to one another. 
  • a spectrum of “holy” and “holier” choices with regard to a child’s education (from public school all the way to homeschooling).
Read the rest of his post that touched on some larger issues.  

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