Friday, June 21, 2013

Does your church feel like Guitar Center?

Guest post by John Poitevent

Pastor Steven Furtick via
I recently took my youngest son Graham to a music store to let him bang on the instruments. I decided that even though I love music, I would hate to work in there because all you hear all day is noise. Not music.
Multiple people were playing multiple instruments around the store and it sounded horrible. No one was coordinated. It was just an annoying cacophony of sound.
But I also noticed that if you isolated it out, a lot of the individuals who were playing were actually pretty good. You had one guy playing great R&B on a keyboard. Another guy playing a strong version of Stairway to Heaven on guitar. Another playing great jazz on drums.
It’s not that any of these players were particularly bad. They just weren’t playing from the same page. It wasn’t their individual skill levels that were lacking. It was the unity of all their skills going after the same purpose.
That’s what a lot of churches are like: A room full of talented people playing their own music. What could be really beautiful is like a symphony has gone wrong because there is no unity. And the result is purposeless noise.
Many of you have people in your church right now that could begin playing some amazing music. A better staff person or better volunteers isn’t going to fix your problem. It will just add to the noise you already have. What you really need to do is to get everyone to start playing the same song.
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