Wednesday, June 05, 2013

"Radical" Three Years Later

David Platt:
Furthermore, I also believe it may be helpful, three years after writing Radical, to address some of the most common questions that I’ve received in response to the book. So over the next couple of months, I want to post some brief interviews and excerpts that address questions like:
  • Why do you use the word “radical?” After all, isn’t all this talk about radical obedience to Christ really just normal obedience for any follower of Christ?
  • Is radical living just a new form of religious legalism?
  • How does radical living coincide with ordinary, everyday life?
  • Does an emphasis on concern for the poor end up leading the church away from the gospel (the primary message of the church) and distracting the church from making disciples (the primary mission of the church)?
  • Are all college students supposed to stop their studies and move overseas, and are all businesspersons supposed to quit their jobs and become missionaries?
  • Are you saying it’s wrong for people to pray a sinner’s prayer?
These are just some of the questions that I’d love to help people think through biblically over the next couple of months. I don’t suppose that my answers will be completely sufficient for all, but I do hope they will be pastorally helpful for some.
Read the rest and stay tuned for this series of posts.  Should be interesting.

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