Thursday, July 11, 2013

13 Words To Shape How You Share Your Faith

Taylor Buzzard:
I’m on vacation! I’m away from everyday life, my routine, and my usual responsibilities, so my mind and heart are especially reflective. One of the highlights of this past year was our oldest son starting school. I met many new friends and acquaintances through the local school, so many I can’t even count. It was a relationally rich year. 
Most of these new friends and acquaintances don’t know Jesus. I have this deep, unshakable desire to introduce them to Jesus, to tell them about his love for them and his offer of grace, freedom, and abundant life. Simultaneously, I can’t stand the idea of talking about Jesus just so I can check it off my “to-do” list, or rather, my “should” list. I don’t view my new friends as “projects.” I deeply love and enjoy them. They’ve become an integral part of our lives, and our family’s life is richer because of them. We are so excited to travel through life with these friends. 
I want to talk about Jesus in a way that directly relates to my friends, in a way that gets their attention, that piques their interest, that engages their life stories. As I talked about Jesus with new friends this year, I often felt like right-handed me was writing with my left hand. I longed to be more natural, less nervous, less intimidated. I prayed continually that God would make me fluent at this language. 
Three days ago, God answered. He spoke to me. Through 13 words sitting in my Bible, he told me...
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