Thursday, August 08, 2013

12 Myths About Calvinism

Michael Patton has a helpful article here.  Click over for the explanations.  His twelve points:
  • Calvinism is not system of theology that denies God’s universal love.
  • Calvinism is not a belief where God creates people in order to send them to hell.
  • Calvinism is not belief that God is the author of evil.
  • Calvinism is not a belief in fatalism.
  • Calvinism is not a denial of freedom.
  • Calvinism is not a belief that God forces people to become Christians against their will.
  • Calvinism is not a belief that you should only evangelize the elect.
  • Calvinism is not a belief that God arbitrarily chooses people to be saved.
  • Calvinism is not a system of thought that follows a man, John Calvin.
  • Calvinism is not a system that has to ignore or reinterpret passages of Scripture concerning human responsibility.
  • Calvinists do not believe that no one can do any good thing at all.
  • Calvinists do not necessarily believe that God predestines (wills) everything, including the color of socks I chose this morning.


Chris Baumgart said...

One fact though, the area of self- deception in the life of a Calvinist is they remain in bondage to sin. Jesus says that sin is of the spirit, not of the flesh. We are to get to understanding the source. That an abiding faith, a "working" faith in making the proper choices, especially in moments of temptation is our part of growing in sanctification here while we live in the flesh. Christ, in the flesh, is our example of complete sanctification in this life. The Word says we are sanctified through faith. We must exercise our faith to match the Master. And Jesus did all things to please the Father. Likewise this is our pathway to Love. It is Love that requires our perfected faith...

feipeng wu said...

Thanks for sharing...