Thursday, August 29, 2013

Missing the Point of Genesis 1-2

Aaron Armstrong:
This is the real reason people get in a tizzy about creation vs evolution. 
It’s less to do with the particulars of how the world came into being and more to do with an issue of autonomy. 
If the world came into being through happenstance, and we’re merely the result of the equation of time + matter + chance successfully adding up again and again and again, then we are beholden to no one. 
But if the Bible is true, then Jesus is over us, having made purifications for sins, seated at the right hand of the Most High (Heb. 1:3b). We are not little sovereigns free to run amok. 
We are under authority. That’s why people really reject the creation account, and it’s the point that we so often miss. 
Jesus is the Creator, and His command for all the earth is clear: Yield.
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