Thursday, August 01, 2013

Why ARE millennials leaving the church?

Recently, Rachael Held Evans wrote a post for CNN entitled, "Why millennials are leaving the church" that has received a lot of attention.  She raises some good issues but certainly some follow up questions would be in order. Alastair's Adversaria recently wrote a blog post that interacts with her piece and does just that.  You can see his questions below and click through to read his explanations/interactions. 
  • What weight should we give to self-reporting?
  • What about the churches that fit Evans’ wishlist?
  • Do they really want a less ‘political’ Church?
  • What about those occasions when we do have to choose?
  • Are evangelicals really obsessed with sex?
  • Do millennials want a place to wrestle with doubt, or a place to coddle scepticism?
  • Why are millennials drawn to high church traditions?
  • Do millennials really want an institutional Church?
  • What is meant by the desire for an end to the culture wars?
  • What exactly do millennials stand for?
  • Are millennials prepared to call themselves and their questions into question?
  • Do millennials really wish to be ‘challenged to live lives of holiness’?

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Another worthwhile read.