Wednesday, September 11, 2013

LOGOS Bible Software - I'm a Fan

I use LOGOS all the time for my sermon prep. I love having the ability to work anywhere I want and only have to bring my laptop.  It's extremely handy.  I know I am only scratching the surface in terms of what it can do for me but I look forward to learning more and more about it in the future.

Recently LOGOS released a new resource that I have found quite useful.  It's the 300 Quotations for Preachers series.  Easily searchable and chalked full of helpful sound bytes from 2,000 years of church history.  I especially enjoy the Puritan and Reformed collections.

For example I recently did a quick search on pride and free will from the modern church collection and found this gem:
A man’s free will cannot cure him even of the toothache, or of a sore finger; and yet he madly thinks it is in its power to cure his soul. The greatest judgment which God himself can in the present life inflict upon a man, is to leave him in the hand of his own boasted free will. 
I would highly recommend LOGOS 5 for anyone serious about studying the Bible and be sure to get the 300 quotations add-on if you are preaching or teaching.

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John Fallahee said...

Logos is an amazing tool. I use it all the time for teaching and preaching.

But if you are going to get Logos, you need to get trained. Check out - their training is comprehensive and affordable.