Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers = Significant Opportunity

I think there might be a hint of false dichotomy here between political action and supporting pregnancy centers (let's do both!) but I think this quote is quite strong.  At The Vine, we are quite involved at our local CareNet facility and have seen some really cool ministry take place.

Dan Darling:
There are millions of women and young girls living in our neighborhoods who are pregnant and alone. Their boyfriends escaped in fear, and their families might have rejected them. They're facing the mountain of motherhood and wondering how or even if they can raise a child on their own.

This is where the church is uniquely positioned to respond with the gospel, lived out with grace and compassion. Imagine if conservative Christians invested less in political-action committees, candidates, and partisan media and instead opened their wallets to support crisis pregnancy centers. What if we doubled and tripled the number of clinics around the country? What if we worked together to build hundreds, if not thousands, of such centers in America's urban centers?

Supporting local crisis pregnancy centers allows us as Christians to live out our pro-life ethic before a watching world. It puts flesh and blood on our beliefs, pouring the gospel into the hearts and lives of those God has called us to love. Being pro-life is so much more than a political slogan. It's a gospel call to be like Jesus, to give our lives on behalf of the most vulnerable.
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