Friday, October 18, 2013

The Preachers of LA: How Much Should A Preacher Make?

Interesting post here from Bryan Loritts.  I wish this issue was straightforward and simple.  Unfortunately, it's not.

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DaddyG said...

I think the biggest Biblical principle that Loritts leaves out is not storing up for yourself treasures on earth, but instead storing up treasures in heaven. Regardless of the why and the behind the scenes giving, if I see a pastor preaching about this principle as he drives his Bentley and lives in his mansion, instead of driving his Camry and living in his modest house, I wonder, isn't that hypocritical? The fact is, no one needs a Bentley or a mansion. Period. He may give 23% of his income to the Lord's work which is great, but it's still plainly obvious that his heart doesn't yearn first, and foremost, to see God's work done. If his heart did, he'd be ecstatic to have a nice car that was reasonable, and a house that fit his needs, and give away as much of the rest of his money as possible to spread the Gospel. In other words, realistically provide for his family well, as he is commanded by the Lord, and also give to the Lord out of the overflow.

Maybe it's just me, but I think there IS a line. I'm not positive EXACTLY where that line is, but the Bentley and mansion are easily far beyond it. While any believer (pastor or not) drives around in his Bentley, other believers struggle to find the money that would enable them to travel to the uttermost parts of the world to share the Gospel with those who have yet to hear it. That is a travesty. In fact, as a picture of the church, I'd say a pastor in this position, is entirely ignoring his duty to lead his church to be giving up all things in order to give to any who had need (Acts 2:45). It doesn't say some possessions, it says all - if the need is there. In LA, I guarantee there's a need. I really don't think the issue is as complex as it sounds. Maybe if these pastors were closer to that un-defined line, it would get trickier, but I think it's fairly plain to see that they have leaped miles beyond it.