Tuesday, November 12, 2013

An Infidelity Scandal Implodes a 'Biblical Patriarchy' Organization

Permit me to ramble for a second...

Why is this story newsworthy in The Atlantic?

I mean, in our culture of sexual "freedom", who cares?  Didn't Mr. Phillips just do what was natural?  Was he not just following his inclinations?  What could be wrong with that?  Shouldn't Dan Savage be trying to book him as a guest on his radio show and telling him "Atta boy!"  If you want to say that adultery is wrong, on what basis?

Maybe you say that the problem is not adultery but the hypocrisy.  But then again, I have the same question.  Who cares?  And based on what standard?

Does not this article presume a sexual morality?  Or at least some type of morality?

So we are not a relativistic as once thought are we?

Morality will be shoved down our throats.  New stories will appear that implicitly state that it is morally wrong for those who preach family, faith, and "down with feminism" to cheat on their wives.

Yeah, I agree, it is wrong, but why does a publication like the Atlantic bring it up?  Why are they shoving their morality down my throat?  Shouldn't we be "free" to be hypocrites?  If not, why not and based on what standard?

Again, we are not as "tolerant" as we'd like to think.  Everyone has a morality they are trying to impose on someone else.  The question then becomes, what worldview can sustain a culture of true tolerance, listening, civility, and charity?

My money is on the worldview that has as it's primary picture God becoming man and dying for his enemies and rising again.


Anonymous said...

Exactly! This is our culture's conundrum when it leaves without absolutes

sara said...

People like to see high people fail- especially when they fail at the very things they shout the loudest about. Plus, it's gossip and the same way we want to hear about Chris Brown beating his girlfriend or Michelle Obama's fashion faux pas.

I'm old enough to remember a few high profile "moral" people get taken down. It ain't pretty but it's predictable.

It is easy to be discouraged when a Christian leader falls into sin - or willingly walks away from faith - or turns out to have been full of it all along. It's why I can't get caught up in a "movement" and why I try to guard against idol worship of high profile believers.