Friday, November 22, 2013

Conan O'Brien Shows Comedic Graciousness

Mockingbird Blog:
A small internet-based Chinese talk show has stolen- frame for frame!- the Conan Show’s opening, and it’s a source for comedic gold.  But’s what happened next that makes the sketch Mbird-worthy: 
Da Peng, the offending host, apologizes sincerely for ripping off the opening credits, and not only does Team Coco extend forgiveness, but they give Da Peng a spiffy new show opener as a gift. Too cool. 
As I’m reflecting on this incident, it seems there were only two ways it could have played out. Either the law gets involved, or there’s grace. It’s either cease and desist letters from lawyers, or it’s comedic gold. Both of these methods solve the fundamental issue of plagiarism, but only one of them allows for comedy, friendship, and relationship to thrive. So kudos to Conan O’Brien for an international act of grace; not just wiping the slate clean, but giving away the candlesticks too!

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