Friday, November 22, 2013

"If you're going to sleep with your brother's wife, you are probably going to lie to your brother about it. I'm not convinced about men meeting up in groups to keep them accountable."

Great article here from Paul Levy about how to protect yourself from ministry disqualifying sin.

(HT:  JT)

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Kirk Jordan said...

Perhaps there is a difference between accountability to a person and to a group, but I have found accountability to be revolutionary. Some years ago, after having ventured into territory where God fearing men should shudder, a christian brother (with whom I had shared by struggles) simply asked this. I want you to promise me that before you enter such a place again... even on your way in.. You will call me. And then, that you will call me once you have left. As a result of that promise, I have never had to call him in that climate. Yes. I could lie. Or I could break a promise. But having already trashed my character in vital areas, I simply have not been willing to trash every vestige of integrity. And I know, that once I did, I would be a gonner. Nothing to hold me back from that which would shipwreck my soul. So Yes. Accountability works.