Thursday, November 14, 2013

“It’ll Be Inserted Through the Head”

Owen Strachan:
I saw this Live Action video on Twitter via ace journalist Mollie Hemingway. It features Dr. Carmen Landau of the Southwest Women’s Clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 
She’s an abortionist, and according to the video, she’s quite happy to kill late-term babies.
You should watch this video. It’s about 4 minutes long. If you have a conscience, and if you care about children, it may make you weep, sweat, and audibly cry out. You’ll hear two voices–Landau’s and another counselor’s–that are soothing, gentle, and assured, in the way that medical experts often are. But there’s a difference in these tones. They speak words of death. Landau is the same doctor who said that killing a baby is like getting “a flu shot.” 
These accomplished, socially able women use their gentle voices and quiet comfort to encourage women to murder little babies after the 20-week mark that would have an increasingly strong shot at survival. I was surprised in this video, by the way, to hear the baby in the womb called just that: a “baby.” Not a fetus. Not some other clinical term. A “baby.” 
I don’t know what your reaction to this video will be. Many Christians will watch it and mourn and grieve for a lost world. But that is not enough. We should get involved in pro-life ministries. We should pray in our churches against this practice. We should offer up anguished prayers to God to stop this practice and rescue these children from those who would kill them. This includes both their mothers and the “doctors” who hunt them down in the womb. 
And we should also give thanks to the God of life that, against all the odds, dozens of states–as New York magazine recently showed amidst a series of “abortion stories”–are embracing pro-life measures. There is a growing, rushing backlash against abortion today. Justice is on the move.

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Anonymous said...

City Vote underway in Albuquerque to ban abortions after 20wks. I, unfortunately, live about 1/2 mile outside the city limits so i cannot vote. These pro abortion ads here are painful to watch. I do pray that this ban passes.