Thursday, November 07, 2013

Leadership and Energy

The older I get, the more I feel the importance of this.

Wayne Cordeiro:
A leader's greatest asset is not necessarily time. It is energy. A person with energy can accomplish more in four hours than another would in four days. With energy, a father can share in an activity with his son or daughter with huge and lingering memories that simply spending time with them would never accomplish. I had gone through numerous evolutions in my understanding of this crucial concept until one evening, over dinner in Jakarta, Indonesia, I came to a clear understanding. Bill Hybels and I were discussing my next season of life, and he began talking about investing my life energies strategically--into arenas of catalytic importance. Only by intentional investments, he explained, will the outlay of my energy expenditures reach beyond my initial contributions. I don't remember what Bill and I had for dinner that night, but I do remember the dominant thought that I took back with me to my hotel room. I realized that I had to invest my bursts of energy more intentionally, and in doing so, I would be able to extend my ministry shelf life.

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