Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Time To Recalibrate!

Steve Hart:
...we’ve given our people 3 simple questions to shape their gospeled living, and I share them with you in hopes they will help you clarify how you’ll live as gospel people in the coming year. 
1. Who will be our Family? As we recalibrate this fall, with whom are you committed to living your Family identity? You need a primary community, a group of Jesus people to whom you commit yourself. Who will you be with regularly for the sake of sharing and celebrating Jesus, in both intentional gathered times (DNA, dinners, etc.) and in the everyday stuff of life? 
2. Where and to whom are we called as a Missionaries? In this recalibration through Ephesians, we’ve seen that Paul hammers the truth that every person who has miraculously gotten in on the grace party has done so for the purpose of extending the invitation! Who will you pursue for the sake of sharing the good news of the gospel by praying for, serving, and speaking God’s grace to them? 
3. In what ways will we be Jesus’ Servant? There are needs around us that we’ve been given grace to meet – works that Jesus destined us to walk in! – that will make much of Him. What is he asking you to surrender (time, money, comfort, etc.) this fall so you can bring good news to your neighborhood or network, and in what ways will you do so? 
In the end, we’re simply saying the message of Ephesians: Be who you are. God is rescuing a family to himself, and sending them to be servant missionaries all across our city. As elders and equippers, our job isn’t to convince our people to do something for God; rather, we have the high calling of reminding our people of all that the Father has given them in the gospel – “every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places!” – so that they’ll be free to live as the people He saved them to be – “to the praise of his glorious grace!”
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