Tuesday, February 18, 2014

You Weren't Created To Be a Superhero

Paul Tripp:
Human beings were built with limits. God didn't design you to be a superhero. 
You and I were created to live dependent lives, never surviving on the basis of our own strength, wisdom and control. From the moment of our first breath, we were limited, weak, and fragile beings. 
If you're a parent, or an older brother or sister, you know this to be true. Think about how long your newborn child or sibling would have lasted if you left them alone. I was shocked when we had our first child - there was never a moment when we could leave him alone, except during sleep, and even then we were only a few feet away. 
As we grow older, we think that we become more independent. We get married, have children of our own, buy our first house, and make significant life decisions. Sure, a 40-year married adult can feed and dress himself much better than a 4-month old infant, but I'm afraid that we don't fully accept our limitations.
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