Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Grumbling & Complaining

Lore Ferguson:
My heart has been a grumbling one recently. I could give you a few reasons I think why my grumbling is necessary or warranted, but the truth is that even talking about those situations would invite more grumbling.

People talk about it being necessary to say how we feel, but I usually think there is more merit to say less about how we feel, and more about who God is in spite of our feelings. Disagree or not, I don’t think the Bible makes a case for us to all sit around and talk about our feelings to one another.

Paul, however, does have something to say about grumbling.
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I think it's important to mention that the Bible is replete with examples of us expressing our emotions.  We don't ever want to default into the superficial cheesiness of super-spiritualizing everything because we are afraid to lament, grieve, or confess.  

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