Friday, March 19, 2010

Christianity is Changing in China

DG Blog:
Read this very brief article in the China Daily (China's official English language newspaper). It's the testimony of a university student who converted to Christianity.

Now if you've been following China for any length of time you might be picking your jaw up off the floor. Get this:
  • The official and highly controlled newspaper of the Communist government is featuring a story of a religious conversion of an exceptionally bright university student who found meaninglessness in existence apart from God.
  • He was given a Bible by a colleague, and the reader is not led to believe this is a bad thing.
  • He converted to Christ after reading it and now is experiencing fulfillment.
  • And he's now happily attending an unregistered church (i.e house church).

We know the church is unregistered because yesterday the China Daily ran an article on house churches that are thriving in Beijing and featured that church. In fact, this particular unregistered church has actually been allowed to purchase property for a church building.

This doesn't discount the fact that persecution still occurs in China. But we need to let this news soak in. This little article is huge. God is doing something incredible in that great nation.

Keep praying.


Paul Williamson said...

Many are unaware that there has been a strong evangelical movement in China during the last decade or so. Millions have come to a saving faith and this does have the potential to fundamentally alter the nature of that country. China and the rest of the planet surely needs this kind of trend.

Gregg said...

Yes, please keep praying for China. The claim is made here in Asia that there are more than 300 million Christians in China; that means there are more Christians in China than there are Americans in the world. If China ever becomes a free country the entire world will become a very different place. But then again, real persecution is what God uses to grow the church. God is great, yes, and God is good.

Charis said...

Besides all the other comments the only thing else would be it's great that things are happening in Beijing, but Beijing does not equal all other proviences across China. Other proviences have very differing results. It is exciting that things are changing and hopefully Beijing is just the start. Totally ditto to what Paul (above comment) said.