Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Preaching the Book of Galatians to Yourself – Chapter Three

Guest post by BJ Stockman

Chapter Three
  • I will not be foolish and be cast under the spell of trading the true Gospel of grace for a different one.  My greatest remedy against false gospels is to be infatuated and continually familiar with the true Gospel.  (3:1)
  • I will not be impressed with preachers that do not focus my eyes on Jesus Christ and whom do not consistently paint the picture of the crucified Jesus before me no matter how clever and inspiring and motivating they are in their preaching. (3:1)
  • I receive the Holy Spirit by faith, not by works.  I desire more of the Holy Spirit’s work in my life, and I receive the Spirit by faith in the finished work of Christ not by doing works. (3:2)
  • I will not pursue sanctification by works, but by faith.  I recognize that justification and sanctification are both by faith.  (3:3)
  • When suffering comes I know that it is not in vain, but that the Holy Spirit is still working.  Therefore I trust Jesus for endurance through suffering. (3:4)
  • God generously provides me with the Holy Spirit and works miracles through faith, not works.  I desire God’s gifts of a greater filling of the Holy Spirit and miracles, and I trust Him to provide them. (3:5)
  • I will not despise the preached word, but will believe the preached word that glorifies Jesus and emphasizes the work of the Holy Spirit.  I recognize that hearing the word is critical in building my faith. (3:1-2, 5)
  • I know that God counted Abraham righteous because he believed God.  (3:6)
  • I am a son of Abraham because I believe the Gospel.  My brothers and sisters who believe the Gospel are sons of Abraham as well. (3:7)
  • The Old Testament Scriptures foresaw that God would justify the Gentiles by faith.  Abraham had the gospel preached to him, as all nations are blessed in Abraham.  Therefore I will not ignore the Old Testament, but trust God’s word and God’s gospel in all the Scriptures. (3:8)
  • The blessing of Abraham is upon me because I am a believer like Abraham. (3:9)
  • When I work from law I am returning to the curse because I do not do all that is written in the law.  I refuse to live under the curse that the law brings, because I am now in Christ. (3:10)
  • It is evident that no one is justified by law-keeping, because in the Old Testament God has made clear that the righteous live by faith.  God’s righteousness is imputed to me by faith in Jesus not by law-keeping, and I am justified before God by faith not by law-keeping.  (3:11)
  • I will not live with the idea that the Old Testament was about law, while the New Testament is about faith.  God has always, in the Old and New Testament, said that the righteous live by faith not law. (3:10-12)
  • Jesus, the Messiah and promised one of the Old Testament, has redeemed me from the curse of the Law by becoming a curse in my place.  Jesus has taken the curse that I deserve, and has blessed me with the gift of grace that I do not deserve. (3:13-14)
  • Jesus has suffered public humiliation and shame by becoming a curse for me so that I will not face the shame my sins deserved.  Jesus has removed the shame of my sinfulness at the cross, and he has completely absorbed God’s wrath that my sins deserved by taking my place and the place of all who believe. (3:13-14)
  • Jesus became a curse for the purpose of giving me and the rest of the Gentiles the blessing of Abraham. (3:14)
  • By faith in the finished work of Jesus I have received the Holy Spirit.  Jesus death on my behalf not only removes the curse it grants me the gift of the Holy Spirit. (3:14)
  • Human covenants are not set-aside and neither are God’s covenants.  Since the law came after the covenant with Abraham, the covenant with Abraham is not annulled.  God’s law does not annul God’s covenant. (3:15, 17)
  • I recognize that God’s promise is to Abraham and to Abraham’s Seed not seeds.  The Seed of Abraham is Jesus Himself, and therefore every nation is blessed in Jesus.  Since I am in Jesus by faith I am a son of Abraham and a part of a multi-national community of faith.  I will seek to have a global-perspective and not just a local-perspective.  (3:16)
  • The inheritance given to Abraham came from a promise not from a law.  Therefore my inheritance is based on God’s promise not on God’s law. (3:18)
  • I recognize that the law was added because of sin, until Jesus, the seed of Abraham, came.  (3:19)
  • Faith in Jesus is superior to law-keeping, because the law was given by mediators, and in Christ God has dealt directly with His people.  Therefore I will spend my day running to Jesus not to the law. (3:19-20)
  • The law does not impute life or righteousness.  In the person and work of Jesus is where life and righteousness are found.  God’s work in Jesus has imputed life and righteousness to me (3:21)
  • I understand that the law is not contrary to the promises of God, but that the Scriptures shut up everyone under sin so that the promises of God in the person of Jesus would be received by faith.  The law and the Scriptures show me my sinfulness and my need for Jesus. (3:21-22)
  • I, like King David, love the law, because I recognize that the purpose of the law is to bring me to faith in Jesus.  Through the law I see my sinfulness and I turn to Jesus by faith.  (3:23-24)
  • The law is my tutor teaching me to go to Jesus, and now I live Christ-centered not law-centered. (3:25)
  • I am a son of God because I believe in God’s Son, Jesus. (3:26)
  • As my baptism has publicly declared, I am clothed with Jesus Christ. (3:27)
  • I repent of my racism, and I recognize that in Christ God is making a diverse people one. (3:28)
  • I repent of my feelings of superiority over people because of their class or social status, and I recognize that Jesus makes slave and free, rich and poor, employee and employer one. (3:28)
  • I repent of my sexism and I recognize that men and women have equality in Jesus. (3:28)
  • I am a part of God’s covenant people because I belong to Jesus not because I keep the law. (3:29)
  • I am an heir according to God’s promise because I belong to Jesus not because I keep the law. (3:29)

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