Sunday, October 14, 2012

7 Things Christians Need to Remember About Politics

Guest post by John Poitevent

"Political discourse is the Las Vegas of Christianity - the environment in which our sin is excused. Hate is winked at, fear is perpetuated and strife is applauded. Go wild, Christ-follower. Your words have no consequences here. Jesus doesn’t live in Vegas.

Not only are believers excused for their political indiscretions, but they are often applauded for committing them. Slander is explained away as righteous anger; winning arguments are esteemed higher than truthful ones (whether or not the “facts” align); and those who stir up dissension are given the pulpit. So I balk when pastors tell me the Church should engage in the political process. Why would we do that? The political process is dirty and broken and far from Jesus. Paranoia and vitriol are hardly attractive accessories for the bride of Christ.

Rather than engage in the political process, Christians have a duty to elevate it. Like any other sin, we are called to stand above the partisan dissension and demonstrate a better way. Should we have an opinion? Yes. Should we care about our country? Yes. Should we vote? Yes. But it’s time we talk politics in a way that models the teachings of Jesus rather than mocks them."

Here are seven things to remember about politics:

By Bryan Roberts

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BrittInger said...

Thanks John; Thank You for speaking the truth !!!
We've made a spiritual claim on a cultural common practice and declared it a spiritual truth. And it is about time we dare start talking about our lack of questioning....!