Friday, April 19, 2013

A Great Visual On How Far We Have Come Technologically

Wow.  Never thought of it quite like that.


Nathan Strutz said...

Don't forget the Nintendo, 20 game cartriges and a controller. Add a GPS (even though they didn't have them until just a couple years before smartphones). How about a couple VCR tapes and a player. Consider also bringing in a mirror, a walkie-talkie, a level, a photo album, and a connection to the entirety of knowledge of all of mankind, or at least a volume of encyclopedias. Then you get a lot closer to what we are doing these days.

Vitamin Z said...

great point

Just James said...

Not that this would have worked into the image, but that advancements in storage and communication technology that a smart phone represents. In the era around that picture we were lucky to have 4+MB of RAM memory, and 1+GB of hard drive in our laptop. These phones now have 1+GB of RAM and 8+GB of solid state drive storage.
Dialup (phone line) modems and bulletin board systems are a thing of the past, we now have WiFi and cellphone wireless.
Two of the areas that continually amaze me