Thursday, June 13, 2013

Do You Have The Holy Spirit?

Here is a great Biblical guide to answer that question:

Aaron Armstrong:
Look at the fruit of your life.
  • Do you want to obey Jesus—and do you strive to do so? (Matt. 7:15-18)
  • Do you love others—especially those who are unlovely? (Matt 5:43-48)
  • Are you seeing increased evidence of the fruit of the Spirit in your life? (Gal. 5:22-23)
  • Do you have a growing hatred of evil and love for what is good? (Rom. 12:9)
  • Are you increasingly generous with your time, talents and treasure? (Matt 6:19-24)
  • Are you increasingly aware of your own sinfulness and need of God’s grace? (1 Tim. 1:15-16)
He adds a helpful qualification:
What we all need to recognize is that apart from the Spirit’s work within us, the answer to all of these questions is going to be a resounding “no.” It’s impossible to do any of them without the Spirit at work, bringing life into what was dead. So perhaps we ought not to worry so much about whether or not we lack the Spirit. Instead, let’s examine the fruit of our lives and see what is revealed.
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