Friday, July 05, 2013

How Our Prayers Would Sound in Real Life


Anonymous said...

I've been criticized before for the way I prayed. A pastor once told me I shouldn't say Jesus' name so often when I pray... I guess that was because it bothers Jesus, just a like those annoying kids who kept coming up to him. Sure hope I start praying better so Jesus listens to me more and people make fun of me less.

Anonymous said...

The most "fervent" and "real" prayers in the world are those where, instead of picking up buzz words and such from other people who 'seem' to pray fervently, you privately speak to your Father as you would your own dad. God does not judge us by how we pray or what words we use, but instead He listens to our prayers as a loving and caring Father. Look at the Lord's Prayer and let it be your model, rather than a pop-church-culture which puts image and "fitting in" before God.