Friday, July 05, 2013

Our Lives Will Radiate

Richard Baxter, the Puritan pastor and theologian, counseled those seeking  to  serve  in  pastoral  ministry  with  these  words:  “When  your minds are in a holy, heavenly frame, your people are likely to partake of  the fruits of  it. Your prayers, and praises, and doctrine will be sweet and heavenly to them. They will most likely feel when you have been much with God: that which is most on your hearts, is like to be most in their ears.” Baxter is reminding us of  something that we often forget but that should be pretty obvious to us: our people can tell when we are close to God—and when we are not. It will come out in our sermons, our prayers, our leadership, and even our conversations. As Moses’ face shone to the Israelites after he had been with God, so our lives will radiate his presence when we have been with him.
- Darrin Patrick, Church Planter, p. 62

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