Monday, January 20, 2014

For Those Who Want Their Heart Aflame For The Great Things of God

Some things you read are invigorating and expansive for your imagination. Some things you read give you penetrating insight into dealing with complex issues. Some things you read hit the sweet spot of your interests and you’re lost in them for hours. Some awake your wonder or make you weep or laugh your head off. Some simply bore you to tears.
But a few things you read light you on fire. 
These are the things that get at the very core of reality. They help you make fundamental connections that spark your understanding about why you exist and what will bring you the most satisfaction. These are the things that make your heart burn. 
I think you’ll find this ebook one of those reads: An All-Consuming Passion for Jesus. It’s only 88 pages and it’s free of charge. You can read it in less than two hours, though you likely will want to linger near the fire at times and pray. It’s best not to rush when pondering the most important things. 
I have benefited from John Piper for a quarter century. Numerous times fire has flared as I read or listened to these messages over the years. And I just read through this book and my heart is burning again. And again I want to sell all I have for the one Treasure — maybe differently than I ever have before. 
There are lots of reasons to read. But the best reason is to ignite your heart. Especially if what you read illumines the word, because that fire becomes a “light” to the path of your entire life (Psalm 119:105). 
So read this if you want to burn. 
If you’d rather listen to John deliver these messages, here are the links:

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